Franco Bavarian

Marshall Tallard’s covered the French right flank at the village of Blenheim and also included the French center.

The command of the forces in Blenheim itself were under Lieutenant General Philippe, Marquis de Clérambault.

Tallard’s main strength in the center was commanded by the Marquis de Montpeyroux.

The image below shows the order of battle for the Franco-Bavarian army. Just click on it to see a larger version.

Franco Bavarian Army of Marshall Tallard at Blenheim

The various units that made up the Tallard’s Franco Bavarian army at Blenheim are listed below. Where I have finished painting a unit there will be a blog post for that unit giving uniform details and other such facts. You will find the unit name is linked to the page with all the details.

If you don’t see a link, then I’ve yet to finish painting it!

Blenheim Wing Command – Lieutenant General Philippe, Marquis de Clérambault

Dismounted Dragoons

Hautefeulle’s Brigade

  • Mestre de Camp Général (three squadrons, 338 men)
  • La Reine’s Dragoons (three squadrons, 231 men)
  • Rohan-Chabot’s Dragoons (three squadrons, 330 men)
  • Vasse’s Dragoons (three squadrons, 327 men)

Blenheim Garrison

de Maulevrier’s Brigade – Marquis de Maulevrier

Balincourt’s Brigade – Marquis de Balincourt

Greder’s Brigade – Marquis de Greder

Blenheim Reserve

d’Argelos’ Brigade – Baron d’Argelos

St. Segond’s Brigade – Marquis de St. Segond

  • Zurlauben (Wallon) (two battalions, 1,000 men)
  • St. Segond (Italy) (one battalion, 500 men)

Infantry Reserve – Lieutenant General the Marquis de Marinvaux

Montroux’s Brigade – Marquis de Montroux

  • Regiment de Montroux (Italy) (one battalion, 500 men)
  • Regiment de Aunis (two battalions, 1,000 men)

Monfort’s Brigade – Marquis de Montfort

  • Regiment de Montfort (Walloon/Spanish auxiliary) (two battalions, 1,200 men)
  • Blaisois (one battalion, 500 men)

d’Enonville’s Brigade – Comte d’Enonville

  • Royal (three battalions, 1,500 men)
  • Regiment de Boulonnais (two battalions, 1,000 men)

Between Blenheim and Oberglauheim – Marquis de Montpeyroux

Lieutenant General le Comte de Zurlauben

Vertilly’s Brigade – Marquis de Vertilly

  • Gendarmerie de France (eight squadrons, 1,500 men)

Broglie’s Brigade – Marquis de Broglie

  • Regiment de le Roi (three squadrons, 423 men)
  • Regiment de Tarneau (two squadrons, 184 men)
  • Regiment de la Baume (two squadrons, 282 men)

Grignan’s Brigade – Marquis de Grignan

  • Mestre de Camp General (three squadrons, 255 men)
  • Regiment de Grignan (three squadrons, 312 men)

Marechal de Camp, the Duc d’Humeries

Merode-Westerloo’s Brigade (Spain) – Comte de Merode-Westerloo

  • Regimiento de Gaetano (two squadrons, 214 men)
  • Regimiento de Acosta (two squadrons, 200 men)
  • Regimiento de Heider (two squadrons, 200 men)

la Valliere’s Brigade – Marquis de la Valliere

  • Regiment de Bougogne (three squadrons, 360 men)
  • Regiment de la Valliere (two squadrons, 136 men)
  • Regiment de Noailles (two squadrons, 200 men)
  • Regiment de Beringhen (three squadrons, 783 men)

Silly’s Brigade – Marquis de Silly

  • Regiment de Orleans (three squadrons, 165 men)
  • Regiment de Montreval (two squadrons, 110 men)
  • Regiment de St. Pouanges (two squadrons, 100 men)
  • Regiment de Ligonday (two squadrons, 100 men)

Marechal de Camp, the Marquis de St. Pierre

Trecesson’s Brigade – Marquis de Trecesson

  • Regiment de Robecque (Wallon) (two battalions, 1,000 men)
  • Regiment de d’Albaret (one battalion, 500 men)

Breuil’s Brigade – Marquis de Breuil

  • Regiment de Auxerrois (two battalions, 1,000 men)
  • Regiment de Chabrillant (one battalion, 500 men)

Belleisle’s Brigade – Marquis de Belleisle

  • Regiment de Nice (one battalion, 500 men)
  • Regiment de Tavannes (one battalion, 500 men)
  • Regiment de Bandeville (one battalion, 500 men)